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IBS Coaching
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You are not alone
IBS Coaching <br>with Heather<BR><em>You are not alone</em>

IBS Coaching with Heather Van Vorous ~ You are not alone

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If you need help today please schedule private IBS coaching with Heather.

One month of coaching includes two 30 minute phone appointments and unlimited email help for the month.

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I am on the road to IBS normalcy. I even drove to an open house at a University that is over two hours away - something that I would not have dreamed of just six weeks ago. Thank you, Heather! Laura K.

You have changed my life! I now feel more comfortable about eating and am truly enjoying food for the first time in many years. You have been a godsend for a lot of IBS sufferers. P.S. My family thanks you too! Carol L.

I cannot tell you how changed my husband's life with IBS is IN SUCH A SHORT TIME! He is eating and sleeping and enjoying life again. Many, many thanks (I can't seem to say that enough). Maribeth S.T.

I had a wonderful vacation, the first in 8 years, by following some of your IBS suggestions. Again, thank you so much! You are a Godsend! Mrs. Thomas B.

I've had IBS for 9 years. I'd been to five doctors, but none had helped me at all. I followed your instructions and I've been symptom-free for seven weeks. Thanks for helping me. Jimmy S.

I wanted to personally thank you for giving my 12 year old son a life back. As a nurse, I was doubtful that you would have the answers physicians didn't. I now tell everyone about your IBS books! Please keep up the great work! Louise K.

You have set me free! I've battled with IBS for over 10 years. When I came across your website I knew this was revolutionary! Let me thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel normal again. I can be free. Thanks again. Teresa B.

For about 20 years, I have suffered with IBS. Once I used your diet suggestions, I quit having attacks. For a change, I feel well. I can actually tell now when I have eaten something I shouldn't. What an answer to prayers this diet has been! Debra M.

That advice on soluble fiber! Last year I had an IBS attack almost every single day. This year? Maybe THREE TIMES! This concept has saved my sanity, and that's a fact. Melissa D.

My body has taken a beating but my mind has taken so much more. I'd just about given up hope of finding an answer, but I feel so much more confident now having read your IBS information. Already things are looking up simply due to you. Lisle M.

For over 3 years a doctor said 'IBS is your body's new normal, just live with it.' How insane. Your diet has saved me. Within 3 days I was noticing a difference, and after 3 weeks, I'm nearly back to normal. Kit G.

Our son started having bowel problems at age 4. We weren't really given any signs of hope. Since we started implementing your IBS ideas our son has been pain free, and at peace finally! You have changed our lives completely. Chris and Darlene D.

Although I was diagnosed with IBS 7 years ago, absolutely NO advice was given as to any understanding of food's role. For the first time, you told me what could do more harm than good! You were right! I felt such vindication and freedom. Chris and Maggie J.

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