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Heather's Tummy Care products for IBS are available wholesale to licensed vendors with a retail store or health care practice.

We offer a full line of organic medical foods for IBS symptoms, the Eating for IBS diet, plus IBS patient education and support. The Tummy Care line includes:

  • Heather's Tummy Fiber ~ Organic acacia senegal, the unique prebiotic soluble fiber that helps BOTH diarrhea and constipation. In refillable canisters and bulk refill pouches. Add to liquids, moist foods, or recipes.

  • Heather's Tummy Tamers Peppermint Oil Capsules ~ Clinically proven to help prevent IBS pain, gas and cramps. With fennel and ginger oils, plus extra enteric coating to reduce the risk of reflux.

  • Heather's Tummy Tea Fennel ~ Medicinal strength, high volatile oil for immediate help with IBS bloating and gas. Whole fennel seeds in jumbo teabags and loose tea.

  • Heather's Tummy Tea Peppermint ~ Medicinal strength, high volatile oil for immediate relief of IBS pain, spasms, and cramps. Large leaf in jumbo teabags and loose tea.

  • The best-selling IBS books available in North America, by author Heather Van Vorous, the founder and CEO of Heather's Tummy Care. Includes the award-winning Eating for IBS and First Year: IBS.

  • Heather Cooks! DVD Cooking Show ~ From television's only cooking show for good digestive health and delicious IBS safe recipes.

  • The IBS Audio Program ~ Gut-directed hypnotherapy that breaks the cycle of stress and anxiety related IBS.

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